New YorkFebruary 21, 2019 – Altice USA (NYSE: ATUS) today announces that its News 12 Networks have received a total of 51 nominations across multiple categories for the upcoming 62nd Annual New York Emmy® Awards.

"These nominations are a testament to the strength of the News 12 newsroom," said Michael Schreiber, President of Altice USA News. "The talented staff at News 12 Networks consistently demonstrates their best-in-class reporting skills on a daily basis, and we're extremely proud to see them recognized by the New York Emmy® organization in such a big way for their journalistic excellence.”

The 51 nominations, an increase from the 34 nominations the networks received in 2018, come at a time of growth for News 12 Networks. Altice USA’s hyper-local News 12 Networks remains the most viewed TV network in Optimum households, and TV ratings continue to grow. News 12 also saw significant increases in unique visitors to its digital and mobile platforms, with digital viewership growing 20 percent year over year and with a 60 percent growth in total video views on News 12 websites during that same period.

Since its first broadcast in 1986, News 12 Networks has collected over 230 Emmy wins and will look to add to their total at the 62nd Annual New York Emmy® Awards Gala on Saturday, May 4th in New York City.

The full list of News 12 nominees are listed below:

News 12 Long Island

  • Talent Reporter (Sports): Kevin Maher
  • Photographer (News): Brian Endres
  • Writer (News): Virginia Huie
  • Editor (News): Brian Jingeleski
  • Spot News: Missing Autistic Kid – Erin Colton, Sue Caron
  • Environment (Program/Feature/Segment): Go Green – Elizabeth Hashagen, Brian Jingeleski, James DiGregorio
  • Human Interest (News): Ride for Life – Elizabeth Hashagen, Brian Jingeleski
  • Feature News Report: The Newlywed Murder: Solomon – Doug Geed, Brian Endres, Jay Roseman, Gregory Stevens
  • Sports News (Single Story): Paper Football Super Bowl 2 – Kevin Maher, Dave Dodds, Dan Scaturro, Gregory Stevens
  • Human Interest (Program/Feature/Segment): Burnin’ Man – Danielle Campbell, Dave Rahner, Jesse Masters
  • Talent Anchor (Sports): Kevin Maher
  • Arts (News): Gourd-geous Music – Virginia Huie, Dave Garden
  • Human Interest (News): Roses of Remembrance – Virginia Huie, Dave Garden
  • Sports (Feature/Segment): Strong Island Styles – Jamie Stuart, Dave Dodds, Gregory Stevens
  • Feature News Report (Light Feature): Master of Puppets – Jamie Stuart, Dave Dodds, Gregory Stevens
  • Environment (News): Long Island Shark Man – Jamie Stuart, Tom Franz, Greg Stevens
  • Sports (News Series): Game On: The eSports Craze – Kevin Maher, Jamie Stuart, Dave Dodds, Anthony Sande, Doug Cunningham, Dan Scaturro, Gregory Stevens
  • Talent (Reporter – Sports): Jamie Stuart
  • Religion (News – Program/Feature/Segment): Beyond the Broomstick – Antoinette Biordi, Anthony Florio, Karen Fiorelli, Charles Bucci
  • Talent (Anchor – Weather): Pat Cavlin
  • Talent (Reporter – Features/Human Interest): Jamie Stuart

News 12 Westchester

  • General Assignment Report: Enrique's Story - Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft
  • Feature News Report (Serious Feature): Slavery in Suburbia: Melanie's Story - Tara Rosenblum, Scott McGee, Alan Flamenhaft, Jean Salzarulo
  • Feature News Report (Serious Series): Between Borders: Detained and Deported - Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft
  • Entertainment (News): Under the Big Top: The Heirs to the Circus. - Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft, Scott McGee, Gregory Stevens
  • Historical/Cultural (Program Feature/Segment): Under the Big Top: The 'C' Word - Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft, Gregory Stevens
  • Societal Concerns (News): Slavery in Suburbia: Hiding in Plain Sight - Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft, Scott McGee, Jean Salzarulo, Lee Danuff, Frank Pokorney, James GiGregorio, Paul Farnsworth, Andrew Schoengold
  • Societal Concerns (Program Feature/Segment): Slavery in Suburbia: Labor Trafficking - Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft, Jean Salzarulo
  • Public/Current/Community Affairs (Feature/Segment): No Place to Call Home – Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft
  • Public/Current/Community Affairs (Series): Between Borders: New York's Immigration Dilemma - Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft
  • Journalistic Enterprise: Tara Rosenblum
  • Craft Specialty (Research): Tara Rosenblum
  • Talent (Reporter - Features/Human Interest): Tara Rosenblum
  • Talent (Reporter - General Assignment): Lisa Reyes
  • Talent (Reporter - Investigative): Tara Rosenblum
  • Talent (Reporter - Specialty Assignment): Tara Rosenblum (Jan 23. 2018)
  • Talent (Reporter - Specialty Assignment): Tara Rosenblum (May 3. 2018)
  • Talent (Reporter - Consumer): Tara Rosenblum
  • Talent (Reporter - Medical): Tara Rosenblum
  • Writer (Program): Tara Rosenblum
  • Writer (News): Scott McGee, Tara Rosenblum

News 12 Connecticut

  • Historical/Cultural (News): Could Have Been Lost - Lori Golias
  • Sports (News Single Story): Sandy Hook Remembered - Marissa Alter, Mark Sogofsky, Andrew Hurley
  • Editor (Short Form): Andrew Hurley
  • Talent (Reporter – Features/Human Interest): Marissa Alter
  • Photographer (News) - Christopher Wood

News 12 New Jersey

  • Talent (Reporter – Consumer): Walt Kane
  • Craft Specialty (Research): Walt Kane, Karin Attonito
  • Health/Science (News): Concussion Coverup - Walt Kane, Karin Attonito, Anthony Cocco, and Alex Lees

News 12 The Bronx

  • Talent (Anchor – Weather): Mike Rizzo

News 12 Brooklyn

  • Spot News: Hold on Tight, He Stole My Car! - Katie Lusso, Jose Miranda

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